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Apple iMac 21.5-Inch Desktop Reviewed by Mikerose23 on Dec 17 . Rating: 4 Apple iMac 21.5-Inch Desktop The late 2015 Apple 21.5″ iMac measures at just 5 mm at its edges, which is 40% less volume than the 2011 iMac. The 21.5″ widescreen display features LED backlighting for vibrant, accurate color. With in-plane switching (IPS) technology, the iMac has a wide 178° viewing angle. The screen has a […]

Apple iMac 21.5-Inch Desktop

Apple iMac 21.5-Inch Desktop

The late 2015 Apple 21.5″ iMac measures at just 5 mm at its edges, which is 40% less volume than the 2011 iMac. The 21.5″ widescreen display features LED backlighting for vibrant, accurate color. With in-plane switching (IPS) technology, the iMac has a wide 178° viewing angle. The screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio and Full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution, supported by integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200.


Display: 21.5″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED backlight IPS

Graphics: Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200

Optical Drive: None

Chassis Ports: 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x Thunderbolt 2, 2 x Mini Display Port via Thunderbolt port, SD Card Reader (SDXC), 1 x RJ-45, 1 x Headphone-out/Microphone-in Combo jack

Operating System: OS X 10.11

Wi-Fi:802.11 ac; Dual Band

Bluetooth: 4.0

  • 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with 4MB on-chip shared L3 cache
  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • 8GB 1867MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM
  • 21.5″ LED-backlit display with a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, Iris Pro 6200 Graphics
  • Mac OS X v10.11

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  • 517 of 541 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    WOW!!!, May 13, 2011
    V. Yalung (Bay Area, CA) –

    I have been considering an Apple computer for a while now, and have been reluctant to buy because of the high price tag, compared to PCs with similar technical specs. For example, a Dell Inspiron All in One with 4GB SDD3 RAM, 500GB hard drive, 2.8Ghz processor, comparable graphics card and larger, brighter 23″ screen retails for 599. For 1199, you can get the same Dell model with a touch screen, 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM, 1GB video card, and a bunch of other stuff, running Windows 7. That’s twice as much computer, right?

    Maybe not. I went into a Best Buy store to play with a Mac, and spent almost two hours comparing this computer to the ones I just mentioned. I ended up buying the Mac, and am entirely convinced that it is well worth the price tag. First of all, even with less RAM, the Mac was faster and performed much better than a tech spec superior PC. It ran several memory draining and intensive applications, like video editing software, iTunes, and web browsers playing video SIMULTANEOUSLY without any noticeable lag. The programs all started up almost instantly, and everything just seemed to work. The PC that had 8 gigs of RAM could not perform all of those tasks at once without slowing down. Second, the Mac doesn’t require a seperate anti-virus software purchase. It’s supposed to be virtually unhackable, and you won’t have like a dozen McAfee processes running in the background to slow your computer down. That peace of mind for internet security alone is worth the extra money to me.

    One of my other reservations for buying a Mac was having to use a different operating system, and after years of running Windows, I didn’t want to have to learn how to use a computer again. However, after playing with the Mac even for just a few minutes, I realized that it was very intuitive, and as easy to use as a PC. For example, when you want to print a document on a PC, you click the tab on the upper right hand corner, find “print” and click- same thing as on the Mac. All of the menus are pretty much identical for the word processors and internet browsers, and unless you’re planning on writing or editing the DOS, there isn’t much you’ll have to adapt to.

    Finally, the software that comes with this thing is AWESOME. The photo/video software is amazingly useful, and I can’t imagine anything out there that you can buy that is as good as this stock software. There is music editing, and a bunch of other stuff that is just as good as the photo software, and while I haven’t had the opportunity to really try everything out yet, I don’t think I will be disappointed with any of it. To top it off, everyone raves about the customer support you get when you get an apple product. I hope I’ll never have to use it, but it helps to know that Apple stands behind their products. Bottom line is, I’m really happy with my purchase.

    *Update Dec 28 2011*
    I just read some of the comments on my review, and I just don’t understand why people can be so defensive about why I think this outperformed the PCs that I tried and have used. I can say that I’ve owned dozens of computers in the last two decades, and I don’t think I’ve ever had one that is as solid as this one. I’ve used it for almost a year, and to this date have not had even a SINGLE glitch. All of the programs perform as expected, I have not had problems with passwords or emails being hacked, and I don’t notice any performance degradation. I don’t know or understand technical specs as well as most folks, I don’t need to “mod” my computer or do anything that’s resource draining besides video editing, I’m just an average user. I know that PCs have their strengths over Macs, but as far as what an average user would need, I don’t think it gets any better than a Mac. I’ve tried to find used Macs for my kids room on craigslist, and most go for about 3/4 – 80% RETAIL!!! Show me a PC that gets that kind of resale value. As far as the defensive PC users are concerned, I’m glad that you can buy a product that you are happy with at a fraction of a cost. For me, peace of mind is worth a little extra bread.


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  • 94 of 94 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    First Mac, and I am in LOVE!, May 20, 2011

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I have been using Macs for about 5 years now between school and work. My primary machine has always been a PC. Being a graphic designer, Macs are pretty much the industry standard. That is one of many reasons I bought this iMac.

    I must say, I love this computer. It took me less than 15 minutes from opening the box, unpacking the computer, plugging it in, starting it, and set up. And 10 minutes of that was taking it out of the box, taking the protective wraps off of things, etc.

    The initial setup was a breeze. It automatically recognized the keyboard and mouse (both Bluetooth), easily connected to my network (after I typed in the password), and bam, we were up and running. Since I never had a Mac before, I didn’t have a backup that would put all my files on the computer, but I keep all of my files on an external hard drive anyways.

    There have been a few bumps in getting used to doing certain things on the Mac compared to the PC. However, Apple Care is very helpful and helped me through alot of issues. The main thing was getting Time Machine working like I want. Still don’t have it backing up my external hard drive, but that is because it is a MS DOS format, which is a format it doesn’t recognize. Other than that, Time Machine is doing backups on its own drive. Also, for PC users, Time Machine is NOT System Restore. It is a file recovery program only. So if you delete a file, you can open Time Machine, find the file, and restore it.

    Once you take the time to learn how certain things work compared to PC’s, you will figure out that there are alot of things that are just much easier on the Mac. Granted, I plan to use both Mac and PC for a while, but so far, I haven’t had to turn on my PC in several days (and I have only had the iMac for about 10 days).

    Overall, it is a great machine. Feels like it is built very solid, runs fast, starts up fast, looks great in my room, the keyboard and mouse (Bluetooth) never skips a beat, the Magic Mouse was not difficult at all to start using, and overall it is great. Probably will always stick to Mac now. :D


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  • 136 of 146 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Apple iMac MC309LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop, May 25, 2011
    Platon Murenin (Edmond, OK) –

    I first bought an iMac in 2006. It was the same first model out of four. Not only it lasted me until now, but since I bought this one few days ago, I gave my old one to my wife’s sister. I’m sure it will keep going and going for years.

    Right now, it is better than ever to buy a new iMac. I remember when I bought mine, the whole line-up was good. But then they gave lower-priced iMacs much worse specs than higher-priced ones, especially in terms of video cards. So, if you wanted something good all around, you had to spend more money and buy third or even fourth one in iMac’s line-up. Not anymore. Every single one has the same RAM, all of them have descrete video cards, and even Quad-Core processors. Not only that, but they are the newest i5 Quad-Core processors, Intel Sandybridge. Even if you take a look at various tests done by different websites, they will tell you that there is not that big of a difference between iMac line-up nowadays. It’ll be about 10% or so in speed increase between this iMac and top of the line one. Also, this iMac is faster than top of the line iMac from previous generation, so yeah, it’s that good!

    Like everyone are saying, don’t look at the numbers. That’s the game PC plays, and people believe them. Read comparison reviews between iMacs and PCs and you’ll see that in most tests iMacs go head to head with PCs that have twice the RAM and twice the video card and even higher clocked processors. In some tests, iMac still come ahead.

    Besides nice specs, iMac has a really good screen. Yes, it is 21.5-inch, but is is beautiful. People might say that you can buy all-in-one from Dell with 23-inch screen. Again, those are numbers, and also, Dell’s specs are a joke. iMac has a high quality screen, extremely accurate colors, which is perfect for anything, especially photography and editing, specifically color-correction. And just to show you where those two companies stand, Apple went for higher resolution on their 21.5-inch display, because they’re about quality. Dell on the other hand, chose to have the same resolution on a 23-inch display, because for them it’s more important to say that their display is bigger, rather than talk about quality. Same with HP, just recently they chose USB 3.0 over Thunderbolt. It just shows how low quality they are to choose already outdated technology for their machines. Yeah, we all might have to wait for a month or two for Thunderbolt accessories to become available, but it’s a fair price to pay for the fastest of the fast.

    iMac itself is a piece of art. There are no rough edges from all the cheap plastic, it’s just two pieces, aluminum enclosure and a piece of glass on the front. All ports are nice and neat and it does come with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. Both are very comfortable.

    As usual it comes with iLife, so it is ready for photos with iPhoto, movies with iMovie, creating music with GarageBand, creating DVDs with iDVD and creating websites with iWeb. Also, sometime during this Summer, new Operating System is coming out, but it will be a cheap upgrade for those who want it, it’s not like buying Windows and choosing between 10 different options, all at the premium price. With Mac, you get just one OS, which has everything. Also, for all of you out there who like to edit, Final Cut Pro X is coming out this Summer as well, in June, unless if they’ll move it to a later date. It will go down in price from $999 to just $299. So, it’ll be an excellent editing machine.

    I also have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, via BootCamp, to play games. In Windows everything is noticeably slower. Not only that, but as usual, Mac came with everything out of the box, I can zip/unzip files, view PDFs and so on. Windows doesn’t have any of that. I would have to download all of those programs to be able to fully use my computer. Game-wise, I think it’s pretty good. I play Mafia II on all high settings and it runs just fine. Let me remind you that although Mafia II is not the latest game ever, but it does recommend Intel Quad-Core 2.5Ghz, 3GB or more for RAM, and most importantly, 1GB for a video card. Like I said I have all setting on high with 1920×1080 resolution. The only setting that makes it somewhat slow is when I turn on anti-aliasing. On one of the levels it was a little slow, so I put Shadow Quality on medium and it was fine. After completing the level I turned it on high again.

    **ALSO, for all of you GAMERS out there, I found a pretty cool website that shows how well different video cards can handle games. It’s not necessarily Mac related, just video cards in general. Amazon doesn’t let you to post links to websites, so, I just put it in the first comment. Just to give you an idea, the site says that Crysis 2 plays good on High settings, Call of Duty: Black Ops plays good even on Ultra settings, Metro 2033 plays good on Medium settings. You can check out the rest**…

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