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Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA) Reviewed by Mikerose23 on Jan 13 . Rating: 5 Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA) Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA) The high-performance wireless media hub for your connected life Voyager Air 2 is the wireless drive that’s optimized for mobility. It lets you enjoy all your videos, […]

Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA)

Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA)

Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA)

The high-performance wireless media hub for your connected life

Voyager Air 2 is the wireless drive that’s optimized for mobility. It lets you enjoy all your videos, music, and photos wherever you go, freed from the storage limitations of your tablet and smartphone. It’s a great choice if you want the powerful storage and streaming features of the Voyager Air but you don’t need a wired connection to your home network.

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Break the Mobile Storage Barrier

Smart phones and tablets are great for enjoying media anywhere, but even the most advanced phones and tablets have only 64GB of storage. Voyager Air 2 comes with up to one terabyte of storage, enough to hold up to 800 full-length HD movies or 380,000 MP3 files. You’ll never run out of entertainment again.

Take It Anywhere

Voyager Air 2 is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Batteries and wireless networking are built-in, so you can enjoy all your movies, TV shows, music and photos at the office, or on your next road trip, business trip, or vacation. Since it’s a self-contained streaming media server, you don’t even need an Internet connection. Voyager Air 2 charges over USB using the included cable. Or add an AC or car kit (available separately) for faster charging.

As a Portable Wireless Drive

Voyager Air 2 has built-in wireless capability and an extended-life internal rechargeable battery for true portability. You can connect to it with your tablet or smartphone and use the free Voyager Air app to access your library of videos, music, and photos. If you use mobile productivity apps, you can also download and edit documents. The Voyager Air app works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and most Android phones and tablets. And you can connect to it from your PC or notebook using any web browser. Voyager Air 2 supports multiple connections, and can stream 720p high-definition video to up to five devices at once. The battery allows for up to seven hours of video streaming between recharges.

As a Mobile Wireless Hub

You can connect Voyager Air 2 to a wireless home network or public wireless hotspot, enable wireless passthru, and share Internet access with your mobile devices.

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As a USB Drive

Voyager Air offers a super-fast USB 3.0 connection that allows you to copy a two-hour HD movie in under 30 seconds. It’s compatible with USB 2.0 connections, as well.

System Requirements
  • USB connectivity requires Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Mac OS X, and a USB 3.0 or 2.0 port
  • Mobile App: iOS 6.x and higher; Android 2.3.7 and higher

  • Streams media to tablets and phones over high-speed 802.11 b/g/n
  • Powerful enough to deliver smooth 720p HD content to up to five devices at once
  • Built-in high-capacity battery streams for up to 7 hours and charges over USB
  • Wireless range of up to 90 feet (30 meters)
  • Works with iOS, Android, or via a web browser, Custom app downloadable from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon App Store
  • USB 3.0 / 2.0 connector for portable storage for desktop and notebook PCs
  • Can be formatted for OS X and Time Machine compatibility
  • Limited 3 year warranty

What customers say about Corsair Voyager Air 2 Wireless Mobile Storage (1 TB), iOS and Android, Black (CMFAIR-VA2-1000-NA)?

  • The manufacturer commented on the review belowSee comments
    101 of 113 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice hardware, flaky software – could be better, May 19, 2013
    S. Lionel (NH USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    [Edited August 9, 2014 - see below]

    + Speedy, spacious USB3 portable drive
    + Large internal battery lasts a long time
    + Ethernet and WiFi
    + WiFi passthrough feature
    - Not a DLNA/uPNP streaming server (See edits)
    - Manual discovery may be necessary
    - Won’t charge over USB3 connection
    - iOS app crashes consistently (See edits)

    The Corsair Voyager Air promotes its use as a media streamer, but that’s not what it is. It is a “wireless mobile storage” device with a lot of functionality. Yes, you can stream from it but only if your player will stream from a CIFS network share. If it’s a DLNA player only, you’re out of luck as the Voyager Air does not function as a DLNA server.

    The model I tested has a 1TB internal drive – other capacities are available. You can connect it as a USB3-capable external drive (a USB2 connection will also work), but it also requires a separate power connection to a dedicated power jack on the back. A suitable cord is provided with a USB connector on the other end, as well as an AC power supply and a car 12V outlet adapter. You can connect the power cord to an ordinary USB jack and it will work, but the internal battery will charge faster if you use a high-powered USB port such as with the supplied adapters. The AC adapter has an interchangeable plug, but only a North American plug is provided. The adapter itself is universal voltage, however. A cloth carrying bag, power and USB3 cables are also included.

    An Ethernet jack allows the Voyager Air to connect to your local network where it can serve as “network attached storage”. While the documentation (which you have to go to the Corsair web site to read) says that the drive should appear in your list of network devices, it did not do so on two different Windows systems I tried. Once I determined the IP address I was able to connect to it following instructions Corsair provided.

    The best feature of the Voyager Air is its WiFi capability, which can be switched on and off independently. Like many wireless storage devices on the market, the Voyager Air offers an “ad hoc” wireless connection that can serve multiple users. Less common is its “passthrough” feature, which allows you to tell the Voyager Air to connect to another WiFi access point. If you use this, then the device you connect to the Voyager Air can also get Internet access from the access point through the Voyager Air. This is a welcome feature and it worked well.

    Corsair, commendably, recommends that you set a password for the WiFi connection. When I did this initially, through the iOS app, it accepted the password but neither my iPhone nor my iPad would join the network. I then left on vacation and tried again when I returned. This time it worked – maybe we both needed a vacation. If you need to reset the password, you insert a paper clip in a small hole on the bottom of the drive.

    One of the things I wanted the Voyager Air to do was upload photos that had been imported to my iPad from my camera so I could then reuse the memory card. The iOS app has an upload capability but each time I used it to upload “camera RAW” files, the app crashed. I could upload JPG files without problems, though it annoyingly renames the files it uploads – a sadly common mis-feature among such programs.

    As a network storage device, wired or wireless, the Voyager Air performed flawlessly and speedily. I copied a 2GB movie file in less than a minute and it played to my iPad some 20 feet away with no difficulty – the WiFi signal is quite strong.

    I had several occasions to contact Corsair support. The first time was regarding the initial problem I had with the WiFi password. Several days went by and I had not received a notice of a response – I logged in to the system only to find that a support tech had responded. We exchanged messages with good response time (and I got an email for the subsequent replies). They promise a one business day response, but two other tickets I opened had no response a day and a half later. I give them a pass on this, especially as I’m in the tech support business myself…

    If you can accept the Voyager Air for what it is – a battery-powered wireless/wired portable disk drive, it works very well for that. If you’re looking for a “media streamer”, it isn’t that. I did have difficulty with the iOS app crashing – that has been reported and could be fixed. As I often do, I will update my review as I continue to use the Voyager Air and see how it evolves.

    Edit: September 14, 2013

    Back in June, Corsair released a firmware update 1.27 for the Voyager Air and new versions of the iOS and Android apps. I was unaware of these until recently because the iOS app did not update automatically and even though I had registered the product with Corsair, I got no email about the update. If you’re on iOS, you…

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  • stem
    The manufacturer commented on this review(What’s this?)
    Posted on

    May 28, 2013 10:38:27 AM PDT

    Dear Corsair Customer,
    Thank you for the detailed review of the voyager air. I would like to let you know that the issue you had uploading the camera RAW files will be resolved in the next App update. Also the Voyager air will charge over USB, however it charges a bit slower than when plugged into a power outlet.
    If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the product please feel free to contact our Tech Support team and they would be happy to help.
    Thank you,
    Corsair Customer Support
  • 44 of 48 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Flexible Storage for Mobile Devices and More, September 21, 2013
    Stephanie Sullivan (Boston, MA) –

    A client wanted mobile storage for presentations and after-work entertainment. The Corsair Voyager 1TB met their requirements and they have been very happy with it since. I’ll review it mainly from setting it up for this client its and operation.

    The manual is pretty thin but covers most everything you need to know. Setup is simple – this one was setup using Gigabit Ethernet LAN and the web interface. The LAN was used because it provides quick access to the drive and the web interface. Files were copied over the LAN to the drive.

    As a security best practice… change the device name (the wireless SSID displayed) from the default “Voyager Air” and set a strong password. As this password is the wireless key and you should not have to enter it every time, make it long and strong! This drive will likely be providing wireless in public, so security really matters.

    The client has an iPhone5 and the IOS app worked well with the Voyager. He was moving pictures mostly back and forth with his phone. His laptop connected easily to the wireless and he was able to find the files he wanted when he needed. Wireless pass-through was OK with the iPhone as a hotspot, but nothing notable.

    The client has said they have never run out of battery power on a trip watching a movie or two and doing a presentation or two. He is fairly meticulous about turning things off when not being used.

    The Voyager comes with more accessories than we expected. What was in the box was:
    1) The Voyager Air drive
    2) The Quick Start Guide
    3) The USB to DC power cable
    4) USB 3.0 cable
    5) Accessory bag
    6) Car power adapter
    7) Wall power adapter (110V/220V)
    8) International adapters for AC

    I found it a little unusual they would have a separate power cord vs having USB detect the capability of the power source. The Kindle Fire HD seems to do this quite well and will recharge at a rate depending on the capacity of the USB connection. The voyager could have been shipped with one less cable and connector.

    At $199 (at the time of this review) for the 1TB model it seemed a little expensive until considering the drive includes wi-fi, a “real” battery, very nice mobile device integration, wired LAN access, USB3 and a plethora of accessories. Overall it seems a very good value considering what it provides.

    I hope this helps someone considering the Voyager 1TB mobile storage drive. By the way, I thought the red variation was particularly handsome


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  • 75 of 89 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Black 1TB Corsair Voyager Air, March 13, 2013

    This is my review of the black 1TB Corsair Voyager Air. I purchased this drive for a number of reasons. First my phone and tablet only have 8GB. On my iphone I don’t even have enough space to update to the latest version of IOS. With this drive I’m able to access my music and movies. I also wanted the gigabyte lan port for transferring and backup of files on my computer.

    Installation was very easy and straight forward. All you really need to do is connect the power and an Ethernet cable. Soon as I clicked on network in my computer the drive was ready to go. I transferred a 600MB movie from my laptop(on wifi) to the voyager air and it took less than 60 seconds. The speed was pretty amazing and I transferred more videos and all the photos I had on my laptop for backup. I’m in the process now of converting my DVD and CD collection for use on the Voyager Air.

    The WIFI range of the Voyager is great and was able to cover all areas in my house I use my phone and tablet. I connected two iPhone’s and Nexus 7 tablet. The Voyager Air APP was easy and straight forward to download from itunes and google play. Once connected to the Voyager Air via WIFI I was able to password product it and also enable WIFI pass through. It was very simple to upload all my iphone photos to the drive. Videos were excellent quality. I was kind of expecting since I was streaming that the quality would be a little worse than it actually being on my device.. nope.. it was perfect.

    This is my home setup for Voyager Air. I connected a Lan cable to it from my router. This allows me to use it as a NAS for my desktop and two laptops. I also have the WIFI turned on to allow me to use my 2 iphones and tablet via the app. On a side note I can view and download files on my Nexus 7 using my routers AiCloud app from the drive.

    I really like that a car charger adapter was included in this product. I plan on using this drive for a few road trips coming up. I’m also a student and when I have some down time at school I watch a quick episode of Bones.

    Bottom line this drive is amazing. What I like most about this drive is that it does all the basics very well and it allows you a ton of flexibility.


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